December 2021

The Potential of Sustainable Investing


The traditional focus for investors has been to use different strategies to build and diversify their portfolios to ensure their financial success. Yet, a growing number of investors are looking not only to grow their personal wealth, but to do so in a manner that, at the same time, benefits environmental, social and corporate [...]

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October 2021

What can a discretionary fund manager do for you?


A Discretionary Fund Manager or ‘DFM’ exercises their professional discretion to buy and sell investments on your behalf. A discretionary management service can deliver highly tailored investment portfolios based upon your individual circumstances and objectives. This is in contrast, to an advisory mandate in which you, as the client, are asked to approve recommendations [...]

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Benefits of a Discretionary Managed Service


Investment management strategies can vary widely from person to person due to individual requirements; this is where a Discretionary Managed Service can prove beneficial. A Discretionary Managed Service is designed for investors that prefer to outsource the day-to-day management of their investments to professionals. A discretionary fund manager is a professional third-party investment manager [...]

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February 2020

Coronavirus Update


Coronavirus Update 6th March Following our communication on the 28th February, which is below for your reference, we are now taking further sensible steps to protect your investment portfolio, following the fall out of the Coronavirus and the resulting market movements. One of the features of a well-diversified portfolio, which is invested in different types [...]

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