Who We Are


The origins of our partner company, Grosvenor Wealth Management, go back to 1999 when Benedict Anderton set up an Independent Financial Adviser firm in the City of London.  Since then the firm and the services it provides, has evolved in response to changing regulation and indeed, client expectations.  That evolution continues and led to the creation of GWM Asset Management in 2016.

GWM Asset Management

GWM Asset Management Limited is an investment management business, focussed on providing and managing model portfolios on a discretionary basis.

The majority of clients do not need individual bespoke portfolios and a series of risk adjusted model portfolios is ideal for their requirements.

Our team is based at Harpenden giving us easy access to London and the South East.

GWM Asset Management Limited was established to provide this service based on a number of basic principles we identified as follows:

  • Managing investments on an advisory basis has a number of limitations that can have a detrimental effect on a client’s investment. This are mostly caused by delays in implementing any changes whilst client authority is obtained.  Managing portfolios on a discretionary basis removes those delays.
  • We believe that discretionary management can and should be of benefit a wide range of clients.
  • We believe that the majority of clients do not need individual bespoke portfolios and that a series of model portfolios adequately fulfils their requirements.

  • In many cases the most significant cost in managing a discretionary portfolio is the dealing charges.  By managing portfolios on a model basis we can consolidate trading thereby keeping dealing charges to a minimum.

In short, we believe our discretionary management service offers an efficient way of managing client’s assets in an easily understood manner in line with their financial objectives with a fee structure that is sustainable.

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