April 2022

Why is sustainable investing important?


Sustainable investing is important because it can help contribute to a better world. Investors can put their capital to work in a way that positively influences society so that we move towards a more sustainable future. It is clear that we are facing huge challenges in the area of climate change [...]

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March 2022

Investing with purpose


Investing for the future has taken on new meaning in this world of climate emergency, the Covid-19 pandemic, and our growing awareness of how our actions might affect current and future generations. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns now underpin many investment strategies, with the goal of minimising harm to the world and its [...]

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Investor reactions in times of crisis


With Ukraine not being a member of NATO, Western powers have no obligation or appetite to intervene militarily. Instead, financial and economic sanctions are the preferred weapon of response and the West has demonstrated remarkable speed and coordination in their imposition, even though some measures will inflict pain on their own economies. [...]

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February 2022

Understanding risk, return and volatility


The aim of this guide is to help you to gain a better understanding of the relationship between risk, return and volatility. We’ll only be talking about investing in funds, rather than investing in specific companies. It will also offer some useful pointers to help you understand your own attitude towards risk, and hopefully [...]

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GWMAM Quarterly Report Summary: January 2022


In our first quarterly investment report of 2022, we take a look back at the economic ups and downs of the last year and what they may reveal about the year to come. A review of the markets in 2021 2021 saw many challenges for investors across the globe. The tug [...]

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January 2022

New year, fresh start. Here is your personal investment checklist for 2022


With so many people’s personal plans changing over the last two years, we wanted to share a simple but important checklist for people looking to make sure that all financial investment plans continue to meet life goals. Do you want to spend more now, diversify investments, change inheritance plans, or retire [...]

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December 2021

The Potential of Sustainable Investing


The traditional focus for investors has been to use different strategies to build and diversify their portfolios to ensure their financial success. Yet, a growing number of investors are looking not only to grow their personal wealth, but to do so in a manner that, at the same time, benefits environmental, social and corporate [...]

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October 2021

What can a discretionary fund manager do for you?


A Discretionary Fund Manager or ‘DFM’ exercises their professional discretion to buy and sell investments on your behalf. A discretionary management service can deliver highly tailored investment portfolios based upon your individual circumstances and objectives. This is in contrast, to an advisory mandate in which you, as the client, are asked to approve recommendations [...]

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Benefits of a Discretionary Managed Service


Investment management strategies can vary widely from person to person due to individual requirements; this is where a Discretionary Managed Service can prove beneficial. A Discretionary Managed Service is designed for investors that prefer to outsource the day-to-day management of their investments to professionals. A discretionary fund manager is a professional third-party investment manager [...]

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