What We Do

Efficient Investment Management

Your investments are almost certainly far more sophisticated than those available to your parents. In fact you may feel they have become too complicated and you do not have time to monitor them properly. Financial Advisers can help but many need you to agree to any change, however minor. This involves you having to make decisions on a regular basis and inevitably causes delays to the implementation of any proposed changes.

With our discretionary management service, we provide you with an independent, professional portfolio management service. This service looks after your investments from start to finish by:

  • Utilising our risk rated model portfolios to suit your attitude to risk. Each portfolio has its’ own investment mandate which GWM Asset Management will follow.
  • Monitoring those portfolios on a regular basis taking prompt action when GWM Asset Management believe changes are needed. You do not need to agree those changes as they will fall within the original investment mandate. This saves you time and enables changes to be made far more quickly.
  • Regular rebalancing to ensure your portfolio stays within your risk profile.

We Provide

  • Quarterly video market updates uploaded to the website
  • Transparent, competitive charging structure
  • Prompt action when views and markets change

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